For a long time, our society has concentrated on the RECYCLE portion of the REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE mantra. It's the easiest of the three to do, and it's the easiest to enforce. (Imagine trying to force people to reuse a plastic bag!)

As for the REDUCE portion, that would be a big turn-around for our society. Right now, we are so focused on shopping and buying prepackaged products that it's going to take a huge publicity campaign to turn it around. Our focus on consuming and convenience has really gotten out of hand... plastic bags are handed out at stores when you're buying a single item... food items are individually packaged... items that used to come in cardboard boxes are now being shipped in impossible-to-open plastic wrapping! Any time you buy something, it comes in extra wrapping that just gets thrown away.

Welcome to Project Silverware. This is our small effort to emphasize the REDUCE and REUSE portions of the triangle. Our focus is to create a collection of unwanted silverware and to share this with the community at large. Instead of buying one-time-use plastic eating utensils for your next event, consider borrowing our reusable silverware!

REDUCE: Help reduce the amount of plastic in the world buy not buying another box of plastic eating utensils!

REUSE: Reuse silverware that would have otherwise been thrown into the landfill.

We have a growing collection of donated silverware that can be borrowed, for free! When you pick it up from us, it will be in boxes, all labeled and ready to use. Return them dirty in the same boxes (unsorted) and we will take care of cleaning them! (If you can, we would happily take a financial donation to help cover our various costs.)

Do you have silverware that you're about to throw out? Please donate them to us!